Kyoto food tour. “Uri” one of the best!!

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「I’m in Kyoto!! Wanna have a real Kyoto food, where should i go!!??」


Recommended for the people who;

・ like Japanese Sake.
・ like very professional dishes.
・ have 5,000 JPY budget per person
  • Newly opened by the chef who was the head chef at poplar restaurant in Kyoto
  • All are great, but I like…
  • Awesome Japanese Sake as well

Newly opened by the chef who was the head chef at poplar restaurant in Kyoto

Today I introduce one of the most favorite one called “Uri”. There is another popular restaurant called “Nikomi Suzuya” that is well known by Kyoto people. The owner chef of “Uri” was the head chef of “Nikomi Suzuya”.

Honesty say, the quality is even higher than “Nikomi Suzuya” at same price range, this is sop impressive.

All are great, but I like…

All dishes are great, but I like fried and grilled stuffs. Depending on season,

Hamo Tempura
Eel Yawata maki
Fried octopus 

Please show this article, then they serve you.

Hamo(conger eel) is a particular food of Kyoto, but it is very difficult to cook due to very small bones. If it’s cooked by bad chef, it’s even hard to eat it. So I usually don’t eat Hamo, but we don’t have to worry about anything here. Tastes do good.

This kind soup is also Kyoto particular, please try it:)

Awesome Japanese Sake as well

Very friendly female staff knows very well about Japanese Sake. You can just tell her what kind of taste do you like, then she will serve good one for you:)


Prices are so good. usually It costs me around 5,000 JPY including beer and Sake. It’s so hard to find this quality at this price, you must try at least once!!

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Tomoki Hoshi, Kyoto Higashiyama With Hotel, Manager

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