Transportation in Kyoto. From a manager of hotel in Kyoto.

As you might know, public transportation of Japan is really complicated. Even for me, it’s hard to tell the best way to get destinations.

What is the best way to see around Kyoto?

It’s impossible to answer actually because it really depends on where are you going. Options are


JR doesn’t cover sightseeing spots in Kyoto.

If you have JR pass, you will try to use it as much as possible, but JR doesn’t cover sightseeing spots in Kyoto Unfortunately.

After arriving Kyoto station, the next chance to use JR pass can be when you take Shinkansen to Osaka.

*Red line is JR, Blue circles are major spots.


Kyoto is very beautiful and awesome place to walk especially around our hotel(Important!). On the other hand, Kyoto is geographically small and surrounded by historical things, walking is very reasonable option to move around.

If it’s just 2 – 3 stops by subway to the next destination, please try to walk. You’ll see something on the way.

Subway and Bus

This will be the main option in Kyoto. You can buy one day pass at stations, but please consider its price and your plan. It’s not easy to conclude which is cheaper for you.


Although I don’t know why, Kyoto’s taxi fee is slightly cheaper than other cities in Japan and as I told you already, Kyoto is small, taxi is very important to save your time especially if your group is 3-4 people.

Here’s an example.

Keage station to Sanjo Keihan. This is common route for our guest to get downtown in Kyoto.

Subway : 2 stops. 220 JPY each.
Taxi   : Around 600 JPY

If your group is 4 people, taxi is even cheaper than subway. It happens often when you are exploring Kyoto, please always check the possibility of taking taxi.

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Tomoki Hoshi, Kyoto Higashiyama With Hotel, Manager

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