Coupon for “Smart Exchange”, get better rate!!

「Wow I didn’t know there are so many places they don’t take cards, how can I get cash!!」

Japan is a developing country when it comes to credit cards

In japan, especially in Kyoto, we still see so many shops, restaurants and places that they do not accept credit card.

Or maybe you have other foreign currency by traveling several countries.

This is the best way to exchange your cash to JPY!

You can find this machines all over Japan, It’s very easy to use.

This is special discount coupon only for people reading this article. Why I can do this? Simply because, one of my best friend is in charge of this business:)

Only 4 steps

1. Click here!
2. You will get coupon QR code.
3. You can find the map that shows you the closest one from your current location.
4. Machine reads QR code, you will get special rate!!

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Thank you for stopping by!!

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