Kyoto Ramen tour #1 “Ichijoji Boogie”

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“This is the first time to come to Japan, I wanna try real Ramen!! But wait,,what’s the real ramen?”

I will tell you.


  • Ramen can not be categorized, described and even defined.
  • Ichijoji Boogie
  • Ramen or Tsukemen?

Recommended to the people who;

 - Has eaten Ramen in Japan once.
 - likes strong/rich taste.
 - likes pork stock soup

Not recommended to the people who;

 - likes plain tasting soup.

Ramen can not be categorized, described and even defined.

One of the most frequetnly asked question is

“What Ramen should I have in Kyoto?”

This is actually an impossible question to answer.. Ramen is far different from original Ramen in China, it has too many kinds of it to recommend just one for my guests.

For example, they use pork, chicken, beef or fish for soup stock. If it’s fish stock soup, it can be Bonito, Sardine, Snapper or others.

So, I will introduce Ramen shops I like, hope this helps you to find your favorite Ramen in Kyoto and Japan!

Ichijoji Boogie

Ichijoji is a name of place in Kyoto that is one of the most famous Ramen areas in Japan. If you like Ramen, you have to visit here.

This Ramen tastes very unique, I can’t describe how it’s like. Tastes rich, but not too heavy. If I leave Kyoto, this is the first Ramen to miss(^^)

Ichijoji Boogie

Tuesday to Friday:11:30~15:00, 18:00~24:00
Weekend and holidays : 11:30~24:30
Close on Monday

Ramen or Tsukemen?

Ramen is well known by foreigners, but how’s Tsukemen? It’s called Dipping noodle in English. It will be served separately noodle and soup.

This is also impossible question to answer which is good for you, but personally I try Ramen first when I come to the new shop.

Ichijoji Boogie has original Tsukemen and Hiroshima style Tsukemen that is very spicy but very tasty. I hope you have chances to come this shop 3 times to try all. haha.

Have you booked hotel?

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Tomoki Hoshi, Kyoto Higashiyama With Hotel, Manager

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