Kyoto food tour. Obanzai “Aoi”, delicious and friendly!!

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「Of course I wanna have a good Japanese food in Kyoto, but where should I come? It’ll be great if I get some information about Kyoto sightseeing as well…」

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Recommended for people who

・want to try Kyoto style foods
・love Japanese Sake
・have budget around 5,000 JPY per person.
  • Caution! there are some bad places in Kyoto
  • You need to book!
  • My favorite dishes
  • You can enjoy very unique Sake

Caution! there are some bad places in Kyoto

Of course Kyoto is one of the most important place to Japanese food culture, it has so many awesome restaurants. However, there are some restaurants that are not very good aiming foreign tourists.

That’s why I’m introducing my favorite places on this blog not to wast your time and money:)

You need to book!!

This place called “Aoi” is really busy place, make sure to book before you come. If you are staying at Kyoto Higashiyama With that is managed by me, I will make it for you:)

Dishes are like sophisticated Kyoto Obanzai meal, it is so good. The owner shef “Toshii”, she is very friendly and nice lady, everybody loves this place and become a repeater.

Sitting at the counter, I always talk to other customer about Kyoto things.

My favorite dishes

Everything is so good, but I order this every time, called “Basil-Fu”. Following traditional way of Kyoto meal, but adding new flavor, that’s my favorite part:)

If you come here Autume or winter, you can have Mackerel Sushi that is very particular food in Kyoto. Sloppy restaurants serve Mackerel sushi in all season, but Aoi serves it only in the best season

If it’s out of the season, original Inari sushi is also recommended!

You can enjoy very unique Sake

Best drink with Japanese food is Japanese Sake in my opinion. You can enjoyvery good ones here.

Toshii san likes to visit Sake winery on her day off, and she brings only awesome ones to her own restaurant.


Have you booked hotel?

If you still haven’t found a hotel in Kyoto, stay at Kyoto Higashiyama With Hotel and let me tell you more about Ramen!!

Tomoki Hoshi, Kyoto Higashiyama With Hotel, Manager

Thank you for stopping by!!

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