Kyoto Ramen tour #2 “Geon Shirakawa Ramen”

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Miso Ramen
Rich, strong taste
  • Not so many Ramen shops in Higashiyama area
  • Geon Shirakawa Ramen
  • Inspired by Hokkaido Ramen

Not so many Ramen shops in Higashiyama area

Although Kyoto is well known as Ramen place, but somehow, there are not so many Ramen shops in this area, Higashiyama. Of course we can see so many of them in Geon area that is included in Higashiyama. However, less shops between Higashiyama and Keage subway station.

It was a problem for me because I’m living in this area, but finally, this one is newly opened in May, 2019.

Their specialty, Miso ramen is still rare kind in Kyoto. I was so happy and went there, and it is so good.

Geon Shirakawa Ramen

Their menu is very simple. Miso ramen, Spicy Miso ramen, Soy source Ramen and some side menus. It tells us they are really focusing on the Miso ramen.

The soup is just awesome. Fried Miso gives it rich flavor, it’s perfect taste to be with beer. They have500 ml bottle of beer at 500 JPY, please try it together!

Inspired by Hokkaido Ramen

The owner chef of this shop has trained in popuar Ramen shop in Hokkaido that is another important place of Ramen culture. They are using the method of Hokkaido ramen and adding Kyoto flavor, it reminded me Ramen I had in Hokkaido actually.

Miso ramen is quite different from Miso soup, if you haven’t tried Miso ramen yet, this will be very good first experience for you!!

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