Why it’s hard to choose Japanese Sake(Rice wine)??

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Japanese Sake(Rice wine)

Sake is an important factor of Japanese food culture. it’s rice wine as you know, has hundreds year of history.

I strongly believe that Sake is the best choice to have with Japanese foods, especially Sushi or Sashimi, can be called “best marriage” like wine and western foods.

As I quote from Wine, Sake is often compared with wine. However, there is a big difference between Sake and Wine, and it makes much harder to choose Sake especially for foreigners.

Distilled alcohol makes it hard to choose right one.

Basically wine is made of 100% Grapes as far as I know, but Sake is not the same. I guess it’s because of business thing, there are some Sake that has distilled alcohol. Adding distilled alcohol has been found after the world war second, Japan was very poor and it was hard to use much rice to make Sake, producers started to add it to Sake.

It’s just in my opinion, but I get bad drunk when I have sake that contains distilled alcohol, and it doesn’t taste good. That’s why I want all of foreigners to try good Sake that is made from 100% rice.

How to tell??

How to tell ones without it from ones with it? It’s easy for Japanese people, every bottles show it on its bottle, but it’s written in Japanese alphabets….

One word “Jun mai”

Of course there is a way to get it for foreigners who don’t speak Japanese. When you buy a bottle of Sake at stores, just tell them “Junmaishu(純米酒)”. It’s “Pure rice” directly translated, you will get Sake bottle that doesn’t contain distilled alcohol.

I’ll introduce Sakes that I think it’s good enough to recommend to my guests on this blog, please stay tuned!!(it’ll be a perfect excuse to spend some money on Sake for me. haha.)

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