Kyoto’s hidden sightseeing spots #1 Kon-Chi-In temple

「Finally I will visit Kyoto, wanna enjoy its atmosphere in quiet circumstance. But i heard there are too many tourists, what can I do!!」

I tell you a good place.

  • Konchiin temple. Only local knows
  • On the way to Philosopher’s path, great location
  • You could have the temple all to yourself

Who am I?

・Manager/concierge of the hotel nearby.
・Camera lover shooting around Kyoto.

Konchiin temple. Only local knows

Too many sighseeing spots in Kyoto such as Kinkakuji, Kiyomizudera, Arashiyama, Ryoanji…..But there are too many tourists recently

Top 3 crowded places are;

Kinkakuji temple
Kiymizudera temple
Fushimi Inari temple

Especially, the narrow path with red gates at Fushimi inari is like crowded train in Tokyo.

To enjoy visiting those places,

Wake up early.

It’s the only way. You can enjoy it in quiet circumstance before 8 am.

I know places that are quiet all the time.

After visiting major places in early morning, you still have much time, but you maybe too tired to visit other crowded place. I recommend you to come this temple, “Kon-Chi-In” that is situated in eastern Kyoto.

Not huge one, but it has beautiful Japanese garden and small shrine in it. You can take a walk and enjoy the Kyoto atmosphere.

I believe that just a few people know this place besides Kyoto people.

On the way to Philosopher’s path, great location

Kyoto is surrounded by sightseeing spots, this Higashiyama area has so many spots, “Konchiin” is located between Heian-Jingu shrine and Philosopher’s path.

Major walking route around here is Heian-Jingu – Nanzenji temple – Eikando temple – Philosoper’s path – Silver shrine(This is my favorite route). So, you can just stop at Konchiin shen you walk around this area:)

Just before Nanzenji, make a right turn. This gate is already impressive isn’t it?

You could have the temple all to yourself

I really like this place, garden and atmosphere, but this is really hidden place, it can be all yours.

Actually, lat time I visited there on 25th July 2019, I was completely alone. That was perfect situation to enjoy the atomosphere of the temple and garden.

This is very rare situation in Kyoto nowadays.

Of course it depends on the season, I can’t guarantee, but it will be quiet at least, please visit here and hope you will enjoy the time there!!

Access:5 mins walk from Keage subway station.
Opening hours:8:30~17:00(Dec.~Feb.8:30~16:30)
Fee : 400 JPY

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Tomoki Hoshi, Kyoto Higashiyama With Hotel, Manager

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